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Keeping cancer a secret

Why some patients don’t divulge their diagnoses — and how oncologists guide them through their chosen seclusion

Aug. 29, 2016 | By Bill Briggs / Fred Hutch News Service

In a tell-all, social-media age when many people share news of their sniffles or their cancers, some patients still opt to keep their disease on the down low.

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Depression: cancer’s invisible side effect

Three in four depressed cancer patients don’t get enough help; survivors tell what it’s like to slip ‘down the rabbit hole’ — and how to climb back out

Feb. 4, 2016 | By Mary Engel / Fred Hutch News Service

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Ruth Kaminski on the outside was her laughing, clowning self. But on the inside, everything was not OK. Kaminski, like about 15 to 25 percent of people with cancer, developed clinically significant depression. Read how she and others tell what it's like to slip "down the rabbit hole" and how they climbed back out.

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