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The path to precision screening for cancer

For now, early detection of breast and prostate cancer means mammograms and PSAs, but a more tailored approach is on the horizon

Sept. 29, 2017 | By Diane Mapes / Fred Hutch News Service

For now, screening for breast and prostate cancer involves mammograms, MRIs and PSAs, the best evidence-based tools available at this moment in time. But it won’t be this way forever. Fred Hutch researchers weigh in on where we are on the path to precision prevention.

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The science of empowerment

Health disparities workshops build bridges to better serve marginalized communities

March 13, 2017 | By Diane Mapes / Fred Hutch News Service

Through an innovative grant-training program, Fred Hutch’s Health Disparities Research Center aims to even the playing field for traditional "health have-nots."

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More is not always better

New U.S. Preventive Services Task Force breast cancer screening guidelines seek to balance risk, benefit

Jan. 11, 2016 | By Diane Mapes / Fred Hutch News Service

New breast cancer screening guidelines released by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force are designed to balance mammography's benefits (catching cancer early when it is easiest to treat) with risks such as unnecessary biopsies, stressful false positives, and overdiagnosis.

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Breast screening backlash

Expert who helped set the controversial new guidelines responds to confusion, criticism, questions

Oct. 22, 2015 | By Diane Mapes / Fred Hutch News Service

Fred Hutch's Dr. Ruth Etzioni served on the ACS breast screening guidelines committee. She responds to the many questions and concerns that have been raised since their release.

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Clearing up the breast screening quagmire

The American Cancer Society releases new, more flexible guidelines. Here's what you need to know

Oct. 20, 2015 | By Diane Mapes / Fred Hutch News Service

The American Cancer Society's new breast screening guidelines reflect a shifting attitude towards mammography, with a handful of changes designed to better balance the procedure’s benefits with its harms. Our experts weigh in.

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A more comfortable mammogram: New technology linked to less pain, discomfort

Good communication between patients, providers also can help ease the pressure of the procedure

Nov. 24, 2014 | By Dr. Rachel Tompa / Fred Hutch News Service

A new device that attaches to existing mammography machines to standardize compression pressure could ease the procedure’s discomfort for many women, according to a new study from researchers in the Netherlands who developed the technology.

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