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Beyond Ben Stiller's advice on PSA screening

The actor said a ‘prostate cancer test saved my life’; experts weigh in on when (and if) men should be screened

Oct. 5, 2016 | By Diane Mapes / Fred Hutch News Service

Actor Ben Stiller wrote in a new essay that a "prostate cancer test saved my life." Two cancer experts weigh in on when (and if) men should get the controversial screening test.

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Prostate cancer screening and rate of early diagnosis drops, studies find

An expert weighs in on whether new findings are good news, bad news or no news

Nov. 18, 2015 | By Diane Mapes / Fred Hutch News Service

Two new studies published Tuesday in JAMA show that fewer men are being screened for prostate cancer and fewer early stage cases are being caught. Is this bad news, good news or no news? An expert weighs in.

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'Unmasking' lurking cancer with 3-D mammograms

New study highlights cost effectiveness of adding 3-D imaging for women with dense breast tissue

Oct. 28, 2014 | By Diane Mapes / Fred Hutch News Service

A new study suggests that 3D mammograms may be a cost-effective cancer detection method for women with dense breasts.

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To BSE or not to BSE?

What you need to know about breast self-exam and self-awareness

Oct. 20, 2014 | By Diane Mapes / Fred Hutch News Service

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the airwaves and Internet are swirling with information on mammograms, and the benefits of early detection and screening. But where does the humble breast self-exam fit into this picture? Should women still perform BSEs on themselves? Or do we put all of our “eggs” – if you’ll pardon the expression -- in one breast-screening basket?

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Too much screening? Patients with limited life expectancy still getting cancer tests

Overscreening offers little benefit, potential harm and high costs, new studies conclude

Aug. 18, 2014 | By JoNel Aleccia / Fred Hutch News Service

Older people and those with limited life expectancy – as little as five years -- often get cancer screenings that likely won’t help and could cause harm, despite national guidelines that recommend against them.

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15 ways to reduce your cancer risk

Fred Hutch's Dr. Anne McTiernan offers tips on what you can do to help protect your health

Jan. 9, 2014

15 ways to reduce your cancer risk. Fred Hutch researcher Dr. Anne McTiernan offers tips to protect your health.

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