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Good News at Fred Hutch

Celebrating faculty and staff achievements

April 15, 2016

Gay City was among three community groups to receive funding this year from the Fred Hutch Health Disparities Research Center. Shown here are community organizer Emmet Stanfield and Kathy Ulrich, development director.

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Study confirms body weight influences Asians’ risk of death

Researchers find both high and low body-mass index impact mortality in more than 1 million East and South Asians

Feb. 28, 2011

A study by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center researcher Dr. John Potter of more than 1 million Asians found that those who were a normal weight were far less likely to die from any cause than individuals whose body-mass index was too high or low. A similar association was seen between BMI and the risk of death from cancer, cardiovascular disease or other causes.

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An economic template for cancer treatment guidelines

Uses affirms feasibility of the Breast Health Global Initiative's approach in the resource-diverse nations of Asia

Nov. 9, 2009 | By Dean Forbes

When the prestigious British medical journal The Lancet Oncology published six cancer treatment guideline papers aimed at the resource-diverse nations of Asia this month, it used as its model the economic template developed by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Public Health Sciences Division’s Breast Health Global Initiative.

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