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10 NEW July 15, 2019

Improving HIV clinical trials with mobile technology

From the HIV Vaccine Trials Network, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division
Science Spotlight - July 15, 2019

New Scientific Publications

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1 NEW Week of July 14, 2019

Could gold be the key to making gene therapy for HIV and other blood disorders more accessible?

A proof-of-principle study published in Nature Materials shows that gold nanoparticles loaded with CRISPR and other gene-editing tools safely and effectively edited blood stem cells. (Photos, diagram available for media use.)
Releases - May 27, 2019

Special delivery: Gold nanoparticles ship CRISPR cargo

Fred Hutch scientists used their new golden courier to edit genes tied to HIV, genetic blood disorders
Hutch News - May 27, 2019

Increased racial and ethnic minority participation in HIV vaccine trials

From the HIV Vaccine Trials Network, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division
Science Spotlight - March 18, 2019

Sabes study fuels comprehensive HIV research

From the Duerr lab, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division, and collaborators
Science Spotlight - February 18, 2019

'Cautiously optimistic about HIV vaccines'

A conversation in advance of World AIDS Day with pioneering HIV researcher Dr. Larry Corey
Hutch News - November 30, 2018

One step closer to the Berlin Patient and an HIV cure

Kiem Lab, Clinical Research Division and Vaccine and Infections Disease Division
Science Spotlight - June 18, 2018

Predicting a moving target’s next move

From the Bloom Lab, Basic Sciences Division
Science Spotlight - June 18, 2018

Gene editing holds promise for shrinking HIV ‘reservoir’

Study mimicking Timothy Ray Brown’s HIV-resistant mutation led to fewer latently infected cells — a key step toward driving the virus into remission without the need for antivirals
Hutch News - April 25, 2018

Curbing HIV transmission by HSV-2 treatment

From the Barnabas and Hughes Laboratory, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division
Science Spotlight - February 19, 2018

Insights from infants could inform HIV vaccine design

Dr. Julie Overbaugh mines decades-old samples to find new clues to effective immune responses to HIV
Hutch News - November 27, 2017
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