Joel Meyers Endowment

Joel Meyers Endowment

The Joel Meyers Endowment Scholarship provides critical support to young physician-scientists who are on the cusp of launching their independence after devoting years of their lives to training in infectious diseases. The scholarship helps to steer them to a path of academic and professional success. It is a critical link in the long line of the support system that enables careers built and lives transformed.

Thanks to the commitment of our supporters and the sustaining nature of the fund, the Joel Meyers Endowment Scholarship has provided the critical resources to our transplant infectious disease fellows for 20 years and the platform for their successful transition to independent careers, directly ensuring their impactful work that saves lives.

The potential to replicate our knowledge and our innovative work to help save more lives is truly an exceptional opportunity. You can help us make that opportunity into a reality.

Success Stories

Featured Scholars

Eighteen scholarships have been awarded. Learn more about the success stories of featured past scholars here.

Our Mission

Create Leaders

The mission of the Joel Meyers Endowment Scholarship is to help foster rigorous, interdisciplinary, innovative and collaborative training and research endeavors.


Promising Scientists

We support young investigators to gain more expertise that will advance our knowledge and the development of innovative strategies to prevent, treat and control infections.


Joel Meyers' Vision

As founder of Fred Hutch's Infectious Disease program, Joel Meyers sought ways to eliminate infectious-related deaths in patients with compromised immune systems.