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Senior Staff Scientist, McElrath Lab, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division
Research interests include early innate immune responses to HIV vaccines on subsequent adaptive immune responses and systems biology analyses of how immune responses are shaped
Clinical Assistant Professor, Global Health, University of Washington
Research interests include sexual risk taking, victimization and alcohol/drug abuse among African-American women, HIV prevention for African American and African-born populations and health disparities.
Phone: (206) 667-2074
Fax: (206) 667-6366
Clinical trial data management, Logistics, operations and study facilitation, Scientific communications, Host-pathogen interactions High-dimensional data analysis
Senior Staff Scientist, Jerome Lab, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division
Research interests include targeting latent viral genomes for mutagenesis and disruption of viral pathogenesis and infection using engineered homing endonucleases.
Co-infections impact clinical, virological, and immunologic outcomes in HIV. I work on understanding how we can better treat patients to prevent HIV and HIV-associated complications, including focus on HIV persistence and HIV-associated malignancies.
Phone: (206) 667-4628
Fax: (206) 667-7711
Staff Scientist, Schiffer Group, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division
Mathematical modeling of virus and immune system dynamics. Population/within-host dynamics approach to quantify HIV-1 infection and treatment efficacy (ordinary differential equations, nonlinear mixed effects models).
Phone: (206) 667-7940
Characterization of immunological “signature” associated with development of cross-neutralizing antibody responses in HIV-infected individuals.
Staff Scientist, Cancer Immunotherapy Trials Network (CITN), Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division
Immune profiling of cancer immunotherapy clinical trial subjects to further the understanding of therapy-driven patient immune responses in order to develop more effective cancer treatments.
Phone: (206) 667-2420
Fax: (206) 667-7711
Interests include supervised learning methods in infectious disease modeling, semiparametrics and Bayesian assessment of complex models
Phone: (206) 667-4871
Correlates analysis, sieve analysis and antigenic mapping focusing on HIV-1 vaccines and immunology
Phone: (206) 667-2569
Fax: (206) 667-4378
Senior Staff Scientist, Public Health Sciences Division
Affiliate Assistant Professor, Applied Mathematics, University of Washington
Research interests include mathematical modeling of infectious diseases, evaluating impact of interventions for HIV prevention, mathematical biology (population dynamics, epidemic modeling) and dynamical systems (ODE, PDE, and impulsive systems)
Oversight for quality control of Good Clinical Lab Practice (GCLP)-compliant assays and is studying cellular immune responses to HIV vaccines for the Cape Town HVTN laboratory. Research involves interrogation of the phenotype and transcriptional profile of vaccine induced T cells in order to better understand these T cell responses.
Design and analysis of trials for HIV prevention, methods for meta-analysis of clinical trials, Bayesian approaches for extrapolation of efficacy between populations.
Phone: (206) 667-4658
Affiliate Assistant Professor, Biostatistics, University of Washington
Statistical and computational methods for bioinformatics applications, statistical modeling for genome sequence analysis and statistical modeling frameworks. The interface between computer science, statistics, and molecular biologyand such as development of new informatics methods in genomics and post-genomics
Phone: (206) 667-4086
Fax: (206) 667-4378
Associate Director, HPTN Statistical and Data Management Center, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division
Clinical trial design and operations, good clinical data management practices (GCDMP), research regulations, behavioral research methodology, research ethics
Computational and statistical methods development for high-throughput, high-content biological data. Modeling and integration of data from high throughput assays for biomarker discovery, clinical outcome prediction and disease classification.
Phone: (206) 667-3116
Fax: (206) 667-4378
Current studies include development of methods for T-cell based sieve analysis, quantification of vaccine induced T cell responses, systems biology of influenza and time-dependent correlates analysis of HIV efficacy trial.
HVTN cross-protocol analyses
Research focuses on building laboratory capacity in Uganda, and improving and strengthening clinical laboratory management towards accreditation. Also investigating common pathogen associated malignancies and T cell mediated immunity.
Immune monitoring and correlative science analyses for early clinical trials in the area of cancer immunotherapy.
Roles of regulatory T cells in modulating anti-viral immunity, understanding the host immune response in anti-viral immunity and vaccine development
Clinical Trials Physician /Protocol Team Leader, HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN)
Immunology and vaccine design for development of vaccines, especially HIV-1 vaccine
Design and analytic methods for HIV prevention trials and measurement-error modeling and bias correction
Research interests include the interplay between T follicular helper cells and B cells during immune responses, roles of the innate immune system in vaccination and HIV-1 vaccine development.
Phone: (206) 667-2223
Fax: (206) 667-2209
Associate Director for Laboratory Operations, HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN)
Immunologic endpoint determination for experimental vaccines (HIV, pneumococcus, malaria, TB, flu) and Logistics, operations, quality assurance, and assay validation for immunologic evaluation of vaccines in the clinical trial setting
Design and analysis of vaccine efficacy trials, genotype-specific vaccine efficacy-based sieve analysis,immune correlates of vaccine protection, analysis of vaccine-induced immune response durability and survival analysis
Phone: (206) 667-5568
Director of Clinical Development, HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN)
Clinical Trials Physician/Protocol Team Leader, HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN)
HIV vaccine development and trial design, combination HIV prevention, mucosal immunology and mucosal sampling design in HIV prevention trials, the intersection of oncology and infectious disease, comparative effectiveness, decision analysis and health-related quality of life
Research focus includes the study the barrier and immune mechanisms that contribute to protection after circumcision, vaccine or passive immunizations at mucosal sites of encounter with HIV
Phone: (206) 667-2221
Senior Staff Scientist, Public Health Sciences Division
Development of genetic statistical methodologies, including phylogenetic tree reconstruction from genetic sequences
Research interests involved developing and implementing clinical trials for HIV vaccines, mucosal sampling in HIV Vaccine trials and cultural/community challenges in implementing Vaccine Trials in Africa
Research interests include analysis of immune response to vaccine candidates, study design for pilot studies, statistical methods for biological assays, and infectious disease models.
Phone: (206) 667-2310
Staff Scientist, Fredricks Lab, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division
Research focus includes the role of the microbiome in human health and disease.
Phone: (206) 667-2884
Senior Staff Scientist, Public Health Sciences Division
Research focus includes vaccine clinical trials, SNP analysis, novel statistical methodology, nonparametric methods
Phone: (206) 667-7077
Fax: (206) 667-4378
Structure-based vaccine design has proven possible for certain pathogens and my research aims at applying this paradigm to HIV-1 vaccines
Phone: (206) 667-6585
Staff Scientist, Lund Lab, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division
Research Assistant, Lund Lab, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division
Postdoctoral Fellow, Lund Lab, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division
Interested in understanding how mucosal T cells are modified upon HIV-exposure and infection
Phone: (206) 667-2269
Fax: (206) 667-7497
Clinical Associate Professor, Surgery, University of Washington
Staff Physician, AIDS Clinical Trials Unit, University of Washington
Research focus includes HIV clinical trial design and conduct; complications of antiretroviral therapy and HIV-associated malignancies
Associate Director Project Management, HVTN Laboratory Center, HIV Vaccine Trials Network
Research focus includes preclinical animal models for vaccines and adjuvants testing, vaccine product development and clinical trial design, vaccine adjuvants, formulations and innate immune responses, immunological evaluation of vaccines and project management for collaborative research projects
Senior Staff Scientist, Corey Lab, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division
Research focus includes the analysis of humoral immune response to HSV-2 and its vaccine candidates and understanding the role of tissue B cells in HSV-2 infection
Phone: (206) 667-5503
Fax: (206) 667-4411
Staff Scientist, Biostatistics, Bioinformatics & Epidemiology, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division
Research interests include the design and analysis of group-sequential and complex clinical trials, specifically as pertaining to HIV prevention trials.
Phone: (206) 667-1186
Senior Staff Scientist, Fredricks Lab, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division
Research focus includes ecology of human microbial communities, impact of bacterial interactions on health and disease, molecular diagnosis of bacterial pathogens and bacterial adaptive responses
Senior Staff Scientist, Jerome Lab, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division
Research focus includes development of DNA editing enzymes that target the genomes of viruses that undergo latent infections and viral vectors for gene delivery to sites of latent viral infection
Epidemiologic studies of infectious disease transmission, vaccine studies and the development of novel statistical methods and designs for studies of infectious disease transmission. Efficacy and effectiveness assessments of control and prevention strategies for infectious diseases of import to global health, including influenza, cholera, dengue, and tuberculosis
Attending Physician, Seattle Children’s Hospital
Translational research on viral and host risk factors for disease severity of respiratory viral infections in immunocompromised hosts.
Phone: (206) 667-7329
Fax: (206) 667-4411
Managing Director, China
Primary responsibility is to facilitate and provide a platform for Hutch faculty to conduct their research, expand their research interests and translate their knowledge globally, particular in China
Phone: (206) 667-1937
Research is focused on statistical analysis of survey data, Bayesian modeling including Bayesian nonparametrics and the design and analysis of vaccine studies
Statistical methods in HIV/AIDS research and monitoring and analyzing drug adherence patterns. Transmission models for infectious disease epidemiology.
Phone: (206) 667-4526

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