Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division

HIV Vaccine Trials Network Members

Larry Corey
HVTN Principal Investigator

Larry Corey has been the HVTN Principle Investigator since it’s inception and is currently one of three co-PI’s, along with Drs. Scott Hammer and Glenda Gray. He has overseen the building of HVTN infrastructure from only 8 U.S. sites in 1999 to a program that has 30 clinical trial sites in 15 countries on 5 continents, and worked on the therapy, prevention and pathogenesis of HIV-1 for 25 years. The main focus of his lab is understanding human herpes simplex type 2 infection, specifically how the immune system controls subclinical HSV-2 reactivation as well as viral shedding kinetics. The ultimate goal of the program is to develop novel immunotherapeutic approaches to inhibit HSV-2 transmission.  

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James Kublin
HVTN Executive Director

James Kublin currently serves as the HVTN Executive Director, coordinating global operations across the prevention and therapeutic HIV Clinical Trials Network as well as alliance management for the Collaboration for HIV Vaccine Discovery funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. His research interests recently took him to Malawi where he established several study sites evaluating anti-malarials and the interactions between HIV and malaria. Dr. Kublin’s current work includes developing and testing preventive HIV and tuberculosis vaccines via the HVTN, along with a Grand Challenges grant to apply high-throughput system analyses to malaria vaccine development.

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Peter Gilbert

Peter Gilbert
Principal Investigator of the HVTN Statistical Data Management Center

Peter Gilbert currently serves as the Principal Investigator of the Statistical Data Management Center for the HVTN. Dr. Gilbert led the statistical design and analysis of an immune correlates study of the RV144 “Thai Trial” (published in 2012), which established a process for correlates discovery that may be useful for other vaccine trial settings. In addition, he led the statistical design of a sequential phase 2b trial for evaluating vaccine efficacy and immune correlates for multiple HIV vaccine regimens (published in 2011), which is planned for implementation in future vaccine trial settings.

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Julie McElrath

Julie McElrath
Principal Investigator of the HVTN Laboratory Program

Julie McElrath is the Principal Investigator of the HIV Vaccine Trials Network Laboratory Program and the Seattle HIV Vaccine Trials Unit. Dr. McElrath's laboratory seeks to identify significant immune responses associated with HIV-1 prevention and control, with studies encompassing a broad range of translational research investigations in persons who experience unusual control of HIV-1. The lab focuses on understanding the role HIV-1-specfic memory T cells play in protection against mucosal HIV-1 transmission and how to exploit this immune system response for vaccine development.

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Mike van der Ven
HVTN Director of Operations and Finance

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Shelly Karuna

Shelly Karuna
Director of Clinical Development

Shelly Karuna serves as the Director of Clinical Development for the HVTN and is responsible for coordinating HVTN clinical trial development, contributing to management of the HVTN protocol portfolio and facilitating intra- and extra-Network collaboration. As a Clinical Trials Physician/Protocol Team leader, she also coordinates medical monitoring oversight for HIV vaccine clinical trials, especially concerning vaccine safety and immunogenicity.

Erica Andersen-Nissen
Director, Cape Town HVTN Immunology Laboratory

Erica Andersen-Nissen is directing cellular studies of specimens from HVTN trials in Southern Africa at the Cape Town HVTN Immunology Laboratory (CHIL). She has worked to incorporate innate immune response assays into the HVTN and has contributed extensively to clinical trial protocol development in the HVTN. Her future work will examine immune responses to HIV vaccines in Southern African populations.

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Ann Duerr
Associate Director of Scientific Support

Ann Duerr is the HVTN Associate Director of Scientific Support. She has published extensively on biological and epidemiological determinants of HIV transmission and interaction with other sexually transmitted diseases.

John Hural
Associate Director of Laboratory Operations

John Hural is the Associate Director of Laboratory Operations. This group is responsible for overall coordination of a variety of trial related laboratory activities, including monitoring the oversight of immunologic and virologic endpoints, processing specimens and overseeing safe practices. This group is also responsible for general study support, specimen management, program quality assurance, and fiscal management of the Laboratory Program.

Nicole Frahm
Associate Director of HVTN Laboratory Science

Nicole Frahm is the Associate Director of Laboratory Science of the HVTN. Her current studies focus on elucidating cellular mechanisms for control of HIV replication and assessing cellular immune responses in HIV vaccine recipients.

Nicole Grunenberg
Clinical Trials Physician/Protocol Team Leader

Cecilia Morgan
Associate Director of Scientific Development

Michele Andrasik
HVTN Social Scientist