SCHARP Leadership

Statistical Center for HIV/AIDS Research and Prevention (SCHARP)


Peter Guarino, SCHARP Director

Principal Staff Scientist, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division

Associate Clinical Professor, Biostatistics, Yale University School of Public Health

As the Director of SCHARP, Dr. Guarino manages overall operations and provides leadership, direction and oversight to SCHARP and SCHARP’s Senior Leadership Team. He partners with the Fred Hutch faculty SDMC PIs to set SCHARP’s strategic goals to ensure continuation of SCHARP’s best-in-class status. He is committed to advancing SCHARP in its mission of being a globally recognized high quality statistical and data management center. Dr. Guarino is also dedicated to fostering a great workplace environment that develops and empowers staff, promotes a healthy work/life balance, is mission focused, and rewarding for employees.

His past work includes 15 years with the Department of Veterans Affairs Cooperative Studies Program Coordinating Center in West Haven, Connecticut, where he served 5 years as the director. He is also an Associate Clinical Professor of Biostatistics at Yale University School of Public Health.

Ed Slezinger

Chris Pouliot, Associate Director SCHARP, Business Support Services (BSS)

Chris provides leadership and management to the BSS team including; Program and Portfolio Management, Project Management, Vendor Contracts Management and the functions of Business Analysis. Chris leads SCHARP’s programs, projects, and initiatives to improve organizational and operational effectiveness by leveraging technology and developing/executing strategic and tactical plans. The key to his success has been his ability to build relationships, create and articulate vision, and successfully build teams and develop personnel to achieve goals. As a member of SCHARP’s Senior Leadership Team, he not only represents the BSSU but also provides leadership on SCHARP-wide strategic planning, budgeting, and tactical direction.

Matt Martin

Matt Martin, Associate Director SCHARP, Technology Support Services (TSS)

Matt manages TSS staff responsible for software development, system support and operations, and system administration of SCHARP’s information technical infrastructure. He is also a member of SCHARP’s Senior Management Team, representing Information Technology and providing technical leadership and guidance on long-term strategic planning and day-to-day operational issues. Since being at SCHARP, Matt has aligned IT operations with industry best practices by implementing standard IT practices and roles within the TSS unit.

Alexis Katsis

Alexis Katsis, Senior Manager, Data Analytics Unit (DAU)

Alexis provides leadership and support to the DAU team. As the DAU head, she provides strategic, organizational and operational management and guidance to a team of statisticians and statistical programmers.  Alexis is committed to adopting new and forward-thinking practices, technologies and tools to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and regulatory compliance of the unit.  Alexis is a member of SCHARP’s Senior Management Team where she represents the perspective of the DAU and collaborates with the other unit heads to create and implement overall organizational vision and strategic direction for SCHARP.  She is dedicated to growing her employees by fostering and promoting the long-term development of the DAU team.

Gisele Desrochers

Gisele Desrochers, Clinical Quality Assurance Manager

In her role as Quality Assurance Manager, Gisele provides leadership, direction and oversight of SCHARP’s quality and regulatory compliance activities in accordance with regulations, guidelines and standards governing the clinical trials industry. She develops goals and objectives, procures necessary resources and prescribes courses of action to accomplish goals. She works with senior management to develop quality strategies for SCHARP and applies them to produce outcomes that meet superior standards. Gisele is also the primary contact for regulatory inspections and third party client audits and is responsible for implementing client satisfaction efforts. She is devoted to the enhancement of her department and the satisfaction of her employees.