SCHARP Community

Statistical Center for HIV/AIDS Research and Prevention (SCHARP)

SCHARP Community

SCHARP team participates in the United Way of King County Day of Caring on September 2016.

Photo by Raabya Rossenkhan / SCHARP

One of our core values at SCHARP is respect and community; we respect the contributions of staff, customers, partners, and study participants and are strengthened by the diversity that each brings. When you're part of the SCHARP team, you're part of a family. We go to bat for each other, we're on the same team, and we care. We're here to do great things together.

SCHARP Growth Opportunity

SCHARP has created a high impact learning environment. Employees gain new skills experiences by attending trainings and conferences. Onsite, Fred Hutch also provides many growth opportunities like talks and seminars, and employee training and staff development.


While we take our work extremely seriously, we also take time along the way to enjoy ourselves and build community. We like to host a variety of events throughout the year — diveristy and scientific talks, rooftop ice cream socials, holiday parties, picnics, happy hours and potluck social hours.

SCHARP has teams dedicated to fun! Our community group, a.k.a. the party planners, organize and plan all our events. We have another group that is dedicated to foster a great office environment — the irresistible organization ambassador team works to support a culture at SCHARP that gives voice and agency to its employees; recognizing that SCHARP members not only fulfill a specific role, but are active members in developing SCHARP entirely. The group helps build a culture that continually encourages, values, and rewards tangible results, innovation, and high impact contributions, develops and empowers staff, promotes a healthy work/life balance and a fulfilling and rewarding workplace for employees. We have a few informal groups around the office that may entail coffee outings, running, and biking together. We believe SCHARP can solve big problems through the belief that solutions come about when work harmonizes, not conflicts, with life. We are striving to make SCHARP a place where world class talent come to build a world class organizatuion.

SCHARP Gives Back

SCHARP likes to give back too! The SCHARP staff regularly conducts fundraisers to support various HIV/AIDS-related charities, both locally and around the world.

Support to Dzama community in Malawi

Dzama community in Milawi

Dzama community members get fresh water from the new bore hole.

Photo courtesy of SCHARP

In May 2004 SCHARP staff began providing financial support to the Dzama community in Malawi. Dzama is a village populated with over 100 orphans, many of whom were orphaned because of HIV. These children are in great need of basic assistance such as food, clothing, and school supplies.

SCHARP regularly donates proceeds from our fundraisers to the Dzama community. Our efforts have provided Dzama's residents with everything from wool blankets, clothing, and food, to seeds, leased land, the construction of two pit latrines, a new schoolhouse with solar lighting, goats, and a bore hole for fresh water. SCHARP hopes to extend our relationship with the Dzama community indefinitely.

Inspire Youth Project

Inspire Youth Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing emotional support and advocacy to children and teens affected by HIV and AIDS. All Inspired Youth kids either live with a parent or other close family member with HIV or AIDS, have been orphaned by the disease, or are infected themselves. Each holiday season, SCHARP staff "adopt" several kids to provide gifts from their wish-lists.

United Way of King County

SCHARP staff also volunteer in the United Way of King County’s Day of Caring and the MLK Day of Service events where we help build a local community where people have homes, students graduate and families are financially stable and honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. legacy of compassion and service to others.