Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division


Malaria is potentially fueling the spread of HIV in areas of sub-Saharan Africa where there is a substantial overlap between the two diseases; while concurrently HIV may be playing a role in boosting adult malaria-infection rates in some parts of the region. Using mathematical modeling techniques, VIDD researchers have found that malaria can increase the viral load of an HIV-infected person on the order of 10-fold, thereby augmenting the risk of HIV transmission. Conversely, HIV may play a role in the geographic expansion of malaria due to the already-compromised immune system of HIV-infected individuals. VIDD research into this synergistic global health threat holds promise for ameliorating morbidity and mortality of such infectious diseases.


Research Associate Professor, Laboratory Medicine, University of Washington
Graduate Faculty, Laboratory Medicine, University of Washington
Director, Center for AIDS Research Immunology Core, University of Washington
Characterizing T cells induced by candidate vaccines using flow cytometry. Developing new assays to evaluate vaccine efficacy with HIV Vaccine Trials Network. Studies include examining T cell function at the single-cell level using advanced flow cytometric techniques; examples include T cell responses to vaccination and to viral infections such as CMV, EBV, HIV, and hepatitis B.
Associate Director for Laboratory Science, HIV Vaccine Trials Network
Associate Professor, Department of Global Health, University of Washington
Graduate Faculty, Global Health, University of Washington
Elucidating cellular mechanisms for control of HIV replication, Assessing cellular immune responses in HIV vaccine recipients, Teaching and Mentoring Interests, HIV immunology for experts and the public
Affiliate Associate Professor, Statistics, University of Washington
Developing methods and tools for high throughput, high dimensional experiments with applications in vaccine research and immunology; flow cytometry, peptide microarrays, next generation sequencing; Bayesian inference and computation and statistical computing
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Fax: (206) 667-4378
Associate Director for Laboratory Operations, HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN)
Immunologic endpoint determination for experimental vaccines (HIV, pneumococcus, malaria, TB, flu) and Logistics, operations, quality assurance, and assay validation for immunologic evaluation of vaccines in the clinical trial setting
Principal Staff Scientist, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division
Clinical Associate Professor, Global Health, University of Washington
HIV and tuberculosis (Tb) vaccine research and development, human challenge experiments, microbiome modulation of immunity, immune activation—polymicrobial infections, combination HIV prevention, malaria clinical trials/vaccines and molecular epidemiology
Senior Vice President and Director, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division
Professor of Medicine, University of Washington
Adjunct Professor, Pathobiology, Global Health, and Laboratory Medicine, University of Washington
Research centers on developing an HIV vaccine and investigating the complex relationship between HIV and the immune system and the influence of antiretroviral therapy.
Senior Staff Scientist, Public Health Sciences Division
Research focus includes vaccine clinical trials, SNP analysis, novel statistical methodology, nonparametric methods
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