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HVTN 100 clinical trial findings advance HIV vaccine research and development

An HIV vaccine regimen tested in an early-phase clinical trial elicited robust immune responses that appeared to be stronger than those observed in a landmark 2009 study showing that a vaccine can protect people from HIV infection. These findings from the ongoing Phase I/II HVTN 100 study were published on June 10 in Lancet HIV.

HVTN 100 vaccine trial

The trial studied a vaccine regimen designed to improve upon the one used in the 2009 study, the U.S. Military HIV Research Program-led RV144 trial in Thailand, the only study to-date to show protection, albeit modest, in humans. To build on the RV144 findings, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) of the National Institutes of Health and the NIAID-funded HIV Vaccines Trials Network (HVTN) joined with other organizations to form the Pox-Protein Public-Private Partnership (P5), a public-private collaboration, to improve upon the potency, breadth and duration of protection seen in RV144. The early results from HVTN 100 show stronger immune responses than some of those recorded in RV144, suggesting the potential for higher levels of protection from the modified vaccine regimen.

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