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A new path to an AIDS vaccine?

Two of the world’s top HIV prevention clinical trial networks have joined forces to test an experimental antibody that could potentially protect people from infection by almost all strains of the rapidly mutating virus that causes AIDS.

The first of two studies, known as AMP, launched today in the United States when a clinical trial site in Nashville enrolled its first volunteer. The two parallel AMP studies, which stands for antibody mediated prevention, will eventually involve more than 4,000 participants on three continents.

VIDD Member Dr. Larry Corey, founder and director of the HIV Vaccine Trials Network, or HVTN, which is headquartered at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and is one of the networks conducting the trial, called AMP “a landmark study.” The HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN), based in Durham, North Carolina, is the other partnering organization.

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