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VIDD highlights promotions, new hires, honors/awards and goings of its faculty and staff.

VIDD Assistant Member Dr. Trevor Bedford won the first-ever international Open Science Prize for the software tool nextstrain built with Richard Neher of the Max Planck Institute. Read more >


VIDD Member Dr. Larry Corey will be giving the 2017 James C. Hill Memorial Lecture at NIH on May 9, 2017. His talk is titled "Getting to an Effective HIV Vaccine: Perspectives on Progress" and will be videocast live at noon PT (3 pm EST).

A Fred Hutch and University of Washington team of virologists and bioengineers led by Dr. Keith Jerome has received a $200,000 grant — the first phase of up to $1.5 million in milestone-driven funding over four years — to develop nanocarrier technology to deliver therapies to reservoirs of dormant, HIV-infected cells.

The grant is from the New York-based amfAR, or Foundation for AIDS Research, as part of its “Countdown to a Cure for AIDS” initiative, which aims to achieve the scientific underpinnings of a cure by 2020. The hard-to-reach reservoirs are a key barrier to curing HIV.

As you may know, our beloved VIDD Division Administrator, Curt Malloy, is leaving Fred Hutch for an exciting new role with CRAB (Cancer Research and Biostatistics). 


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