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Global Oncology


Sources:, WHO, UNAIDS, GLOBOCAN, IHME and CGO 2008

Graphic by Jim Woolace / Fred Hutch

Help us reduce the burden of cancer worldwide

Cancer is increasingly recognized as a health threat to individuals in both resource-rich countries and low- and middle-income countries. More people die from cancer than from HIV, tuberculosis and malaria combined. New strategies are needed, and Fred Hutch is at the forefront of transforming the way we fight cancer on a global scale.

Our work in Uganda over the past decade has shown that cancer in low- and middle-income countries—particularly cancers caused by infectious diseases—can be effectively addressed, and that solutions developed for those settings can lead to better diagnosis, treatment and prevention strategies in all countries.

To generate groundbreaking scientific research and provide technical assistance to our partners to reduce the burden of cancer in Uganda and elsewhere, we depend on the generosity of our donors to sustain this important work. You can help accelerate our efforts by supporting our high-priority needs, including support for innovative research, training and diagnostic equipment and other research infrastructure needs.

Accelerating Our Efforts

Donor Stories

People from around the world are making it their mission to partner with us to enable the conduct of research that will ultimately lead to new diagnostic tools, prevention strategies and treatments.

For more information about funding opportunities or making a donation, contact us or (206) 667-6075.