Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division

VIDD Events

Scientist examining sample inside beaker

Faculty Seminar Series

Tuesdays from 3-4 pm in E3-200/201 with social hour to follow, unless otherwise noted.

Tuesday, January 27 – Harlan Robins, PhD

Associate Member, PHS
"Potential Use of Immunosequencing to Evaluate Vaccines"

Tuesday, February 3 – Ann Duerr, MD, MPH

5-year review; Member, VIDD, PHS & CRD

Monday, February 9 – Dan Coombs, PhD
Note special date

Guest – Professor of Mathematics, University of British Columbia
"Stochastic approaches to modeling HIV dynamics in early infection and during treatment"

Tuesday, February 10 – Chris Wilson, MD

Guest – Director, Global Health Discovery & Translational Sciences , Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
"Knowable Unknowns Along the Path to Vaccines for HIV, Malaria and Other Global Health Challenges"

VIDD Journal Club

Fridays 12-1pm in E4-200 unless otherwise noted

VIDD Journal Club is on hiatus.

VIDD Faculty Meetings (faculty only)

Tuesday, March 17 – Faculty Meeting

3-5pm, E3-200/201 (1100 Eastlake Building)

Tuesday, September 15 – Faculty Meeting

3-5pm, E3-200/201 (1100 Eastlake Building)

Tuesday, December 8 – Faculty Meeting

3-5pm, E3-200/201 (1100 Eastlake Building)

Please email Stephen Voght with news of any additional VIDD events.