Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division

Infectious Disease Consult Services

infectious disease consult

The Fred Hutch Infectious Disease Sciences program provides consult services at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) to oncology patients. Faculty physicians work closely with hematologist and oncologists on treatment plans and oversee quality exercises related to infectious diseases, which include developing standard practice and other clinical care guidelines in infection control.

Services are provided at both inpatient (University of Washington Medical Center) and outpatient settings (SCCA outpatient facility located on the Fred Hutch campus).

Services Include:

  • Partner with hematologists/oncologists on treatment plans
  • Oversee quality exercises related to infectious diseases
  • Develop standard practices and other clinical care guidelines in infection control
  • Conduct pre-transplant evaluations
  • Manage patients' follow-up visits, including antibiotics management
  • Handle long-term follow-up plans

Patient appointments are limited to current SCCA patients and require a referral from your SCCA primary provider. 

Consult Team

Michael J. Boeckh, MD

He studies infections in the immunocompromised host especially diagnosis, prevention and treatment of CMV, VZV, BK virus, adenovirus, and respiratory virus infections.

Corey Casper, MD, MPH

Focus is on the transmission, progression and treatment of infection associated cancers.

Larry Corey, MD

Focus is in treating and diagnosing infectious diseases of the immunocompromised patient.


David N. Fredricks, MD

Focus is on the use of molecular methods for the diagnosis of bacterial and fungal infections.

Adam Geballe, MD

Focus is on the interactions between the cellular antiviral protein kinase R (PKR) and viral PKR antagonists expressed by human cytomegalovirus, and vaccinia virus.

Margaret Green, MD, MPH

Focus is on CMV transmission and clinical trials for the prevention and treatment of viral infections in patients with cancer.

Christine Johnson, MD, MPH

Focus is on understanding HSV-2 interactions with the host to find new ways to prevent and treat genital herpes.

Joshua A. Hill, MD

Specializes in treating viral infections in immunocompromised cancer patients.

Steven Pergam, MD, MPH

Focus is in the area of CMV and gastrointestinal systems in transplant and cancer patients.

Warren Phipps, MD, MPH

Interested in human herpesvirus-8 (HHV-8)virology and pathogenesis of Karposi sarcoma (KS), the most common HIV-associated malignancy worldwide..


Paul Pottinger, MD, DTM&H

Interested in ways to improve the use of anti-infective medications for the complex and heterogeneous patient population in the field of Antimicrobial Stewardship.

Joshua Schiffer, MD, MSc

Interested in describing the quantitative and dynamical features of human pathogens and immune responses.

Anna Wald, MD, MPH

Interested in epidemiology, natural history, therapy, and prevention of HSV and other herpesvirus infections, including the interactions between HSV and HIV.

Debra Mattson, PA-C

My job as physician assistant is to provide care with kindness and respect while having a thorough knowledge of the patient’s infectious disease issues.

Leah Yoke, PA-C

My goal is to create a space where patients and their loved ones feel comfortable enough to honestly discuss their goals of care from an Infectious Disease standpoint. I strive to provide evidence-based, compassionate, unbiased care for anyone who I see.

Infectious Diseases Fellowship Rotation

Fellows participating in the Infectious Disease Fellowship Program of the Division of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the University of Washington may serve and provide care on the Fred Hutch Infectious Disease clinical rotations under the guidance of our physicians.