Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division


The Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division (VIDD) is a diverse and active community of scientists that operates under a model of strong faculty governance. VIDD’s leadership oversees the routine functions of the division in consultation with the executive committee.

Dr. Julie McElrath

M. Juliana McElrath, MD, PhD
Director, VIDD
Senior Vice President, Fred Hutch

Dr. McElrath is a senior vice president at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center as well as the director of VIDD. Dr. McElrath is responsible for the governance, strategy, and operations of VIDD and chairs the VIDD Executive Committee. As part of her leadership role, she guides the overall vision of the division while mentoring junior faculty, young investigators, and graduate students in their career paths.

Within VIDD, Dr. McElrath is the program head for Immunology and Vaccine Development and manages the McElrath Lab. In addition to her Fred Hutch and Division roles, she serves as principal investigator and director of the Laboratory Center for the HIV Vaccine Trials Network. This international HIV vaccine laboratory program conducts translational immunological research in humans in an international, multicenter setting. Dr. McElrath has also assumed a leadership role or been a major contributor in a number of integrated programs at the national and international level to advance a coordinated effort to tackle the HIV epidemic through prevention efforts of several Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Consortia, within the Microbicide Trials Network and the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise.

Leslie Sandberg

Curt Malloy, JD, MPH
VIDD Administrator

Curt Malloy is the operational leader for VIDD. Curt is a strong advocate for life sciences and product development, playing a role in strategies to reduce the global burden of disease. Curt has long-standing professional experience in the fields of epidemiology, global health, and intellectual property law. Curt's graduate studies include a Master’s in Public Health from Columbia University; and a Juris Doctor, with an emphasis in Intellectual Property, from the Seattle University School of Law.  

Executive Committee

The VIDD Executive Committee (EC) is comprised of six member-track faculty members (including the director of VIDD, Dr. McElrath, who also serves as a Hutch senior vice president) and up to two ex-officio members. The EC meets one to two times monthly and is charged with the development of strategic and professional leadership activities and the mentorship of faculty in accordance with the Faculty Affairs Office.