Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division

About VIDD

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VIDD is housed in 177,000 square feet of laboratory and office space and features more than 50 faculty members.

VIDD’s goal is to eliminate or reduce the mortality and morbidity of infectious diseases.

The Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division (VIDD) was established as an institute at Fred Hutch in 2007 to facilitate and enhance the Hutch’s efforts in infectious disease prevention and vaccine development. The institute achieved Division status in 2010.

The Division has more than 50 faculty members. VIDD faculty lead the HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN) - the world’s largest clinical trials network for the development and testing of an HIV vaccine. Division faculty members are also studying cancer-associated infections such as herpesvirus-8, as well as common pathogens including herpes simplex viruses, cytomegalovirus and infectious fungi. Our scientists fall into four broad research disciplines:

VIDD research programs integrate the latest in computational, laboratory and clinical research methods to advance the understanding of microbial pathogenesis and infectious disease processes. VIDD researchers partner with scientists at laboratory, clinical and field sites in Africa, Asia and Europe. The Division has specific initiatives in Uganda, China and the Republic of South Africa to advance the understanding of infection-related cancers and infectious diseases that affect high-risk populations in these regions. VIDD scientists around the world including clinicians, clinical trials specialists, statisticians, computational biologists and basic scientists take pride in their collaborative efforts to predict, detect, treat and prevent infectious diseases in humans.

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VIDD scientists are studying more than two dozen diseases in their labs and through collaborations.

Administratively, VIDD also encompasses major research networks and service programs as well as clinical consulting services in infectious diseases. The multidisciplinary nature of VIDD’s faculty and services provide a robust and cohesive scientific community. VIDD is housed in the 1100 Eastlake Building on the Fred Hutch campus in Seattle, Wash. Our facility includes 177,000-square feet of laboratory and office space, an innovative open space design to enhance collaboration, an energy efficient design and an advanced data center that services the Division and entire Hutch’s scientific operations.