U54 I Partnership Research Projects

Partnership for the Advancement of Cancer Research Project

U54 I Partnership Research Projects

These projects were active during the prior Fred Hutch/NMSU U54 award that was funded from September 2007 through August 2012.

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Pilot Research Project 1: Synthesis of new ligands for the characterization of siderophore- ExFABP interactions

Pilot Research Project 2: How does metabolic rate affect age-induced genomic instability?

Pilot Research Project 3: Discovery of gene regulatory networks controlling cell cycle exit in drosophila, using the discrete dynamic system model

Pilot Research Project 4: Graudate training in cancer research and health disparities

Pilot Research Project 5: Promotora outreach for cervical cancer screening

Full Research Project 6: Genetic analysis of Egfr signaling and cell adhesion

Full Research Project 7: Undergraduate student training in cancer research

Pilot Research Project 8: Development of Biologically-active Datura Extract as a Breast Cancer Therapy

Pilot Research Project 9: "Una Mano Amiga, patient navigator program for Southwest New Mexico"

Pilot Research Project 10: Comparison of protein-protein interacitons of Grb7 and s-SHIP within the P13 kinase signaling pathway of stem cells

Pilot Research Project 11: Gardens for Health: Development for an Intervention Model for the Prevention or Management of Diet Related Illness Among the Navajo

Pilot Research Project 13: Time-resolved flow cytometric study of cell signaling

Pilot Research Project 14: Graduate training in cancer research and health disparities

Pilot Research Project 15: Metal Exposure Assessment in Southern New Mexico

Pilot Research Project 16: Health Disparities and Access to Participation in Cancer-related Research