Pilot Research Project 1

Partnership for the Advancement of Cancer Research Project

Pilot Research Project 1

Yéego Gardening! 
Where Health and Horticulture Intersect:  A Navajo Wellness Collaboration

Co-Principal Investigators:
Shirley Beresford, Ph.D. Full Member, Public Health Sciences - Fred Hutch
India Ornelas, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Health Sciences - UW
Kevin Lombard, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences - NMSU

    This pilot project is part of an ongoing partnership with members of the Navajo Nation in New Mexico. The long-range goal of this cancer-related public health intervention is to increase vegetable and fruit consumption and general health among people of the Navajo Nation.

    Guided by an adaptation of social cognitive theory, we plan jointly to develop community gardens and to provide culturally appropriate workshops with technical horticultural support to augment these garden projects through a phased collaborative intervention in Navajo communities. Aspects of Navajo culture and traditional practices will be integrated into the intervention activities. Ultimately, we plan to estimate the effects of an integrated intervention on gardening and fruit and vegetable consumption, as well as, the effects on self-monitoring, self-efficacy, behavioral capability, and social norms related to gardening and vegetable and fruit consumption.

    This project will lay the groundwork, including specification of the intervention and of the outcome measures, for an R01 type proposal to formally evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention with a group randomized design. In the pilot, using a quasi-experimental design, we will obtain estimates of effect size and variability for use in determining the sample size for the R01. This proposal is directly responsive to the overall goal of the NMSU/Fred Hutch partnership: it will increase the capacity of NMSU to conduct cancer research in a competitve environment and attention at Fred Hutch to cancer-related health disparities research.

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