Objectives of the Partnership for the Advancement of Cancer Research Project

Partnership for the Advancement of Cancer Research Project

Objectives of the Partnership for the Advancement of Cancer Research Project

The overall goal of the Fred Hutch/NMSU U54 partnership is to continue to build upon increasing cancer research capacity at NMSU and increase knowledge and attention to cancer-related health disparities research at the Hutch. In support of this overall goal, our specific aims are to:

Objective One: Conduct a diverse portfolio of cancer research projects. This will be done through a collection of one public health intervention/outreach pilot project, one basic science pilot project, and two basic science full projects.

Objective Two: Maintain, strengthen, and evaluate our effective training programs for current and future underserved scientists. The Integrated Training and Evaluation Core (ITREC) builds on successful undergraduate and graduate internship programs, courses, and workshop hosted by NMSU and Fred Hutch, and capitalizes on the reciprocal nature of the partnership by continuing to train Fred Hutch post-doctoral fellows in classroom teaching at the undergraduate level, meanwhile enhancing cancer educaiton at NMSU.

Objective Three: Implement cancer-related public health interventions in underserved communities. As part of this aim, we will conduct research and disseminate evidence-based practices. 

Mutual benefits will accrue to both institutions through this partnership.  NMSU has a majority of underrepresented students while Fred Hutch has the expertise and experience to recruit and train students in cancer research.  A major benefit of this grant is to establish an infrastructure whereby underrepresented students have opportunities and resources to become cancer researchers.  Simultaneously, the Hutch is committed to increasing the number of underrepresented individuals involved in cancer research.  Collaboration with scientists at NMSU also provides opportunities for new types of research that are of interest to Hutch scientists.  A list of all the projects supported by this collaboration can be found here.