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Cancer Health Equity Research Award

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Beti Thompson Cancer Health Equity Research Award

The Office of Community Outreach & Engagement, formerly the Health Disparities Research Center, announces the Beti Thompson Cancer Health Equity Research Award. This award provides an opportunity to recognize an outstanding scientist from the Fred Hutch/University of Washington Cancer Consortium who has made significant contributions to cancer health equity research and the scientific understanding of the etiology, detection, diagnosis, treatment or prevention of cancer health inequities. The candidate should have a published body of work in health equity, an ongoing collaboration with disparate communities, and/or a history of working with populations in health equity.

This award is named for Dr. Beti Thompson, a community-based participatory research practitioner at Fred Hutch, who has devoted her research career to helping underserved populations by working with community partners and stakeholders to develop culturally relevant interventions that have addressed public health concerns brought forth by the community. Dr. Thompson has been an inspiration and role model for many scientists working towards social justice for medically underserved and disadvantaged populations. This award will be given annually to a scientist of the Fred Hutch/University of Washington Cancer Consortium who strives for inclusion to achieve the vision of a world of equity where all members benefit from the resources that are available in our society.  

For the purpose of this award:

Public health is concerned with protecting the safety and improving the health of a community through the promotion of healthy lifestyles, research for disease and injury prevention, and detection and control of infectious diseases.

Social justice refers to challenging injustices to improve public health and well-being through work that leads to the reduction, and ultimately elimination, or health inequities.

The inaugural award was presented at the Pathways to Equity Symposium on April 27, 2018.

How to submit a nomination
To nominate a scientist, you must complete the online nomination form and submit a nomination letter that provides evidence and examples about the nominee as follows:

  1. Description of a research portfolio led by the nominee that exemplifies how she/he/they have acted to serve as a model for addressing inequities for medically underserved or disadvantaged populations.
  2. Creativity and/or innovation in development or application of strategy/strategies to address a public health issue in the community.
  3. Mentorship of trainees, faculty, or leaders from community organizations who are working on the elimination of cancer health inequities.
  4. A national or international reputation as an emerging or leading scientist for cancer health equity.
  5. Any notable contributions to community health that are unique to the candidate.

Nominees must be members of the Fred Hutch/UW Cancer Consortium, which includes the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, University of Washington, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (consortium membership can be verified here).  Nomination materials should be assembled by the nominator and submitted as a single PDF document.  Nominations must be received by 11:59 PM PST on April 1, 2020. 

Click here to submit a nomination

Submissions will be evaluated by members of the Office of Community Outreach & Engagement's Community Action Coalition and Internal Advisory Council.

The award will be presented at the annual Pathways to Equity Symposium in 2020 with a celebratory luncheon to follow.  Award recipients will receive a $250 honorarium to support their work. 

Questions?  Please contact Kathy Briant or Norma Mariscal