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Community Health Trailblazer Award

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Beti Thompson Community Health Trailblazer Award

In 2017, the Fred Hutch Health Disparities Research Center announced the opportunity to recognize a community health trailblazer who has had an extraordinary impact on the health and well-being of their community, their nation, or the state for their dedication and service to the community.  This award was named for Dr. Beti Thompson, a community-based participatory research practitioner at Fred Hutch, who has devoted her research career to helping underserved populations by working with community partners and stakeholders to develop culturally relevant interventions that have addressed public health concerns brought forth by the community.  Dr. Thompson has been an inspiration and role model for many working towards social justice for medically underserved and disadvantaged populations.  This award will be given annually to an individual, group, or organization that strives for inclusion to achieve the vision of a world of equity where all members benefit from the resources that are available in our society. 

For the purpose of this award:

Public health is concerned with protecting the safety and improving the health of a community through the promotion of healthy lifestyles, research for disease and injury prevention, and detection and control of infectious diseases.

Social justice refers to challenging injustices to improve public health and well-being through work that leads to the reduction, and ultimately elimination, or health disparities.

The inaugural award was presented at the Fred Hutch Health Disparities Research Center Symposium on May 19, 2017 to Giselle Zapata-García.

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