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Women's Health Initiative: $55.4 million extension to 2015
Latest stage of landmark study focuses on cardiovascular events, healthy aging

Porter leads new shared resource for specimen collection
Consortium Biospecimen Resource will foster collaborations and advance solid tumor translational research by uniting existing repositories and providing a centralized collection service

PET scans confirm effectiveness of estrogen-blocking therapy
SCCA study findings have implications for personalized breast cancer treatment and drug development

Systems biology may improve early detection of agressive breast cancer
Chris Kemp and Sam Hanash’s study is the first to examine how blood protein levels change as cancer develops—long before the disease is clinically detectable

Shanghai CDC, Center establish breast health resource center
Site serves as first learning laboratory of the Center-based Breast Health Global Initiative in China

Improving biomarker development to improve patient outcomes
Amanda Paulovich and colleagues find proof-of-concept study of biomarker development provides roadmap for similar approach in humans

"A promising new way to prevent breast cancer"
Multinational ExCel study finds drug exemestane significantly reduces risk of breast cancer in high risk, postmenopausal women; Center among clinical trial sites

Postmenopausal estrogen use brings both benefits, risks
Longer-term Women’s Health Initiative follow-up of estrogen therapy users finds reduced risk of breast cancer, decreased heart disease in younger women

Landmark for breast cancer care in developing nation
Breast Health Global Initiative publication identifies barriers to cancer screening, provides tools for optimizing treatment programs

Obesity, inactivity may increase risk of breast cancers
Study finds women with highest body fat face higher risk of ’triple-negative’ and estrogen receptor-positive breast cancers; risk drops with fitness gains

Births raise risk of "triple-negative" breast cancer
Study finds the more times a woman gives birth, the higher her risk of rare, aggressive breast cancer, while never giving birth offers protective effect

Safeway donates $1 million for breast cancer research and care
Gifts to Center, SCCA, UW continue company’s support of breast cancer efforts

Hot flashes may signal breast cancer protection
Chris Li and colleagues find the more frequent and severe the menopausal symptoms, the lower the cancer risk

Center awarded $11.5 million for breast cancer research consortium
Porter, Cheever will lead the five-year Seattle-based SPORE in projects including development of targeted treatments for drug-resistant tumors

Osteoporosis drug may reduce breast cancer risk
Andrea LaCroix and colleagues tie lasofoxifene to 79 percent lowered overall risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women