Breast Cancer Research Program

Breast Specimen Repository

The goal of the Fred Hutch/University of Washington Breast Specimen Repository (BSR) is to impact basic and clinical research on the etiology, biology and treatment of breast cancer by providing investigators with high-quality, data-rich breast and blood samples that meet the detailed requirements of their research. Specimens from the repository are intended to enhance ongoing research projects and enable new avenues of inquiry.

Toward that aim, the repository collects and stores tissue and blood specimens from consented patients undergoing surgery for breast cancer or reduction mammoplasties and blood specimens alone from non-surgical patients. The value of the tissue samples is enhanced by a detailed microscopic characterization of each block so that researchers are assured of receiving samples that will contain the lesion of interest and, thus, be maximally useful to their studies. De-identified pathological data are also provided to researchers with the samples.

Prior to 2005, the repository focused collections exclusively on patients undergoing surgery for invasive disease. However, carcinoma in situ, benign tumors and hyperplasia are frequently present in blocks with invasive disease. Prospective collections, made in accordance with IRB-approved protocols, are also carried out. For additional details and application guidelines, please refer to the repository's Specimen Allocation and Use Policy or contact Dr. Peggy Porter at