Scientific Labs / Programs

Scientific Labs / Programs

Welcome to the online portal for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center's scientific labs and research groups, including programs, projects and studies. Whether you're part of the scientific community or an interested member of the public, browse the links below to explore how our researchers are working toward Fred Hutch's mission: elimination of cancer and related diseases as causes of human suffering and death. 

Fred Hutch scientists study the disease process from every angle – from the most basic, molecular and cellular level to a broad, population-based approach – to uncover the factors that influence a person’s likelihood of getting cancer, and using this knowledge to reduce risk and save lives. Their efforts involve more than 300 labs and projects ranging from answering the fundamental biological questions of life processes and disease development, to finding ways to prevent cancer and other disease development, early detection, developing new treatments and advancing survivorship.

Worldwide Impact

Programs and Projects

Fred Hutch has more than 300 programs and projects involving basic biology and studies to enhance the quality of life for survivors, our world-renowned scientists take an innovative and comprehensive approach to understanding and eliminating more than two dozen types of cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

Scientific Excellence and Innovation

Labs and Groups

More than 170 researchers from all fields share and integrate their activities through individual lab or group websites. These sites showcase the projects, team and collaborations; and often feature clinical trials, open positions and resources a relevant to their scientific endeavors. 

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