Lena Yao, PhD

Lena Yao, PhD

Managing Director


University of Washington, PhD (Physical Chemistry), Xiamen University, China, BS (Chemistry)

Research Focus

My main responsibility as the Managing Director is to facilitate Hutch faculty to conduct and expand their research in China. As such, I have broad interests in many research areas, particularly in the study of pathogen related cancer, environmental and pediatric health, diagnostics and treatment modalities.

I have many years of research experience in molecular pathology, therapeutic target discovery and biomarker validation at biotech companies; thus I have particular affinity towards those types of studies.

Current Projects

1. Persistent organic pollutants: impact on childhood immunity and risk of infection
2. TCR-like antibodies for HPV-induced cancer basic research and theranostics
3. H. pylori and gastric cancer: antibiotic drug resistance, ultrasensitive and non-invasive Hp detection and diagnostic assay development
4. International clinical trial and mechanistic study in elderly AML treatment

Selected Publications

Liu, Shuzheng; Dai, James Y.; Yao, Lena; Li, Xiaohong; Reid, Brian; Self, Steve; Ma, Jie; Chang, Yuxi; Feng, Shixian; Tapsoba, Jean de Dieu; Sun, Xin; Sun, Xibin: Esophageal Adenocarcinoma and Its Rare Association with Barrett’s Esophagus in Henan, China PLoS ONE (2014) 9(10): e110348. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0110348

Xi Chen, Jing-shan Chen, Zhang, Jing-guang Li, Lena Yao, Steven Self, Xin Sun, Nai-jun Tang: Levels of PCDDs, PCDFs and dl-PCBs in the blood of childbearing-aged women living in the vicinity of a chemical plant in Tianjin: A primary study. Chemosphere (2014) Vol. 118 p1-4

Soren Gantt, Lena Yao, Tobias R. Kollmann, Corey Casper, Jing Zhang, Steven G. Self. Implications of Age-Dependent Immune Responses to Enterovirus 71 Infection for Disease Pathogenesis and Vaccine Design J Ped Infect Dis 2013 2(2):162-170

Yu Wang, Zijian Feng, Yang Yang, Steve Self, Yongjun Gao, Ira M Longini, Jon Wakefield, Jing Zhang, Liping Wang, Xi Chen, Lena Yao, Jeffrey D Stanaway, Zijun Wang, Weizhong Yang. Hand, foot, and mouth disease in china: patterns of spread and transmissibility. Epidemiology, 11/2011; 22(6):781-92

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Lena Yao, PhD

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