Qian (Vicky) Wu, PhD

Qian (Vicky) Wu, PhD

Assistant Member
Clinical Research Division


Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, Biostatistics, 2013
M.S., University of California, Los Angeles, Biostatistics, 2010
B.S., Beijing Normal University, Statistics, 2008

Research Focus

Dr. Wu has broad experience and expertise in clinical trial design, modeling and statistical analyses of biomarkers, genetics and patient outcomes. She has worked as the primary statistician/co-investigator with world famous clinicians and researchers in a wide range of organizations, including cancer research centers, hospitals, a pharmaceutical company and consulting firm, and conducted fruitful research that resulted in peer-reviewed publications. Her major research focus is using complex genetic/biomarker information to optimize trial design and developing efficient statistical algorithms to identify patient subgroups with better/worse responses to a particular treatment.

Dr. Wu has developed computational tools for data analysis, including TrialSize, informing the now commonly used sample-size calculations for clinical trial design. To date, she has participated in phase II/III studies of head and neck cancer and prostate cancer, a phase III trial of glioblastoma multiforme, an observational study of late stage lung cancer and an investigation of adolescent smoking behaviors targeting tobacco prevention strategies.

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Qian Wu, PhD

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