Gregory Spies

Staff Scientist, McElrath Lab
Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division


Washington State University, 1987, PhD (Microbiology)
Washington State University, 1984, MS (Bacteriology and Public Health)
University of Washington Extension School, 2004, Certified Intellectual Property Manager

Research Interests and Expertise

  • Effect of anti-vector antibodies on adenoviral vector performance in an HIV-1 vaccine
  • Constructing and developing vaccine vectors including adenovirus, poxvirus, retrovirus, and DNA expression plasmids
  • Performing and developing viral neutralizing antibody assays
  • Testing HIV-1 vaccine concepts in animal models
  • Evaluating adjuvants for protein-based HIV-1 vaccines
  • GMP product manufacturing

Current Projects

  • Adenovirus Neutralizing Antibody Assay Study (HIV Vaccine Trials Network [HVTN] 503; Director)
  • Transfer of the Merck adenovirus neutralization assay to the HVTN and the South African NICD laboratory
  • Harnessing Innate Immunity to Enhance the Immunogenicity of HIV Vaccines (Bill and Melinda Gates Consortium for Aids Vaccine Discovery [CAVD]; Scientific Director)
  • Viral and plasmid vector construction for CAVD project

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Gregory Spies

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