Harlan Robins, PhD

Harlan Robins, PhD


Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, A.B. 1995 in Physics
University of California, Berkeley, CA, M.A. 1997 in Physics
University of California, Berkeley, CA Ph.D. 2001 in Physics

Research Focus

Dr. Robins focuses on the quantitative analysis of the adaptive immune system. His approach takes advantage of new high-throughput sequencing technology developed by Dr. Robins and his collaborators. His group is isolating and sequencing millions of adaptive immune receptor rearrangements to profile the adaptive immune system. With this new technology, he is working toward a comprehensive description of the t-cell repertoire and studying the dynamics of immune response. He is applying this technology in multiple clinical settings including HSC transplant and cancer immunotherapy.

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Harlan Robins, PhD

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