Kenneth J. Kopecky, PhD

Kenneth J. Kopecky, PhD

PHS Program: Cancer Prevention Program

Research focus: Leukemia and leukemia biology and radiation epidemiology.


  • An Examination of IRF8 as a Biomarker of aging, Malignant Transformation, and Prognosis
  • Integrating Diagnostics with Therapeutic Strategies in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
  • Proteomic Signatures Associatedd with Complete Response and Complete Continuous Response at One Year Following Cytarabine-based Induction Chemotherapy in Younger Adult Patients (18-60 Years of age) with a Newly Diagnosed Non-M3 AML
  • Cancer Mortality among Military Participants at US Nuclear Weapons Tests
  • Functional Methods for Radiation Exposure and Biomarker Data


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