Shelly Karuna, MD, MPH

Shelly Karuna, MD, MPH

Director of Clinical Development
HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN)
Clinical Trials Physician/Protocol Team Leader
HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN)


University of Washington, MPH, matriculated 2008
University of California, MD, 2003
Duke University, BA, 1993

Current Board Certification and Licensure

Washington state medical license (physician and surgeon)

Research Interests

  • HIV vaccine development and trial design
  • Combination HIV prevention
  • Mucosal immunology and mucosal sampling design in HIV prevention trials
  • The intersection of oncology and infectious disease
  • Comparative effectiveness, decision analysis, and health-related quality of life
  • Shared medical decision-making
  • Integrative medicine

Current Projects

  • Safety and immunogenicity of a heterologous prime-boost HIV vaccine regimen in low-risk participants in Lausanne (HVTN 078)
  • Safety and immunogenicity of DNA/MVA/protein HIV vaccine regimens in low-risk participants in South Africa (HVTN 086/SAAVI 103)
  • HIV vaccine safety, immunogenicity, impact on viral load, and efficacy in HIV-uninfected men and male-to-female transgender individuals who have sex with men (HVTN 505)
  • Long-term outcomes of HIV-1 infection in persons who become HIV-1 infected after enrollment in HIV-1 vaccine trials (HVTN 404, HVTN 802)
  • Tolerability and feasibility of immune response assessment in mucosal samples of HIV-uninfected high risk men who have sex with men (MSM) in Lima, Peru (HVTN 914)
  • The effect of a community-based new parent support group on new parent quality of life

Other Activities

  • Leading the HVTN Clinical Development Unit, including coordinating the HVTN clinical trial development, contributing to management of the HVTN protocol portfolio, and facilitating intra- and extra-Network collaboration
  • Coordinating medical monitoring oversight for HIV vaccine clinical trials
  • Member, Network Evaluation Committee and Transgender Working Group (HVTN)

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Shelly Karuna, MD, MPH

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