Tomer Hertz, PhD

Affiliate Investigator in VIDD
Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division


The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2007, PhD (Computational Neuroscience)
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1999, BS (Computer Science and an Interdisciplinary Program in the Humanities)

Research Interests

  • Host-pathogen co-evolution
  • T-cell and B-cell immunodominance and the effects of immunological history
  • Computational immunology focusing on human leukocyte antigen (HLA) binding prediction and its applications in vaccine design, HLA-viral interactions, and immunodominance

Current Projects

  • Co-evolution of viruses and immune system
  • Capturing Immunological History using Antigen Microarrays
  • Computational Approaches to Studying Immunodominance
  • Analysis of T-cell responses in HIV vaccine clinical trials
  • Sieve analysis of breakthrough sequences in HIV vaccine trials
  • Adjuvant effects on immunodominance patterns in vaccine trials
  • Correlates of protection in HIV and influenza vaccines
  • Identifying host specificity determinants in influenza viruses

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Tomer Hertz, PhD

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