Tomer Hertz, PhD


The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2007, PhD (Computational Neuroscience)
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1999, BS (Computer Science and an Interdisciplinary Program in the Humanities)

Research Interests

  • Host-pathogen co-evolution
  • T-cell and B-cell immunodominance and the effects of immunological history
  • Computational immunology focusing on human leukocyte antigen (HLA) binding prediction and its applications in vaccine design, HLA-viral interactions, and immunodominance

Current Projects

  • Co-evolution of viruses and immune system
  • Capturing Immunological History using Antigen Microarrays
  • Computational Approaches to Studying Immunodominance
  • Analysis of T-cell responses in HIV vaccine clinical trials
  • Sieve analysis of breakthrough sequences in HIV vaccine trials
  • Adjuvant effects on immunodominance patterns in vaccine trials
  • Correlates of protection in HIV and influenza vaccines
  • Identifying host specificity determinants in influenza viruses

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Tomer Hertz, PhD

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