Jonathan Grim, MD, PhD

Jonathan Grim, MD, PhD

Associate Member
Clinical Research Division


University of California, Berkeley, 1992, B.A.  (English)
University of Alabama School of Medicine, 1999, M.D.
University of Alabama School of Medicine, 1998 (Pathology, Gene Therapy)
Internship and Residency: University of Washington Department of Internal Medicine
Fellowship: University of Washington Department of Medical Oncology and Clurman Laboratory in Fred Hutch Clinical Research and Human Biology Divisions

Research Focus

Dr. Grim’s research is focused on the development, invasion and metastasis of intestinal cancers characterized by chromosome/genetic instability and dysregulated proliferation. To study the molecular underpinnings of these aggressive tumors and to identify potential targets for new, ‘personalized medicine’ therapies, he and his mentor, Dr. Bruce Clurman, are developing genetically-engineered pre-clinical models. They recently developed and characterized a new mouse model that recapitulates key aspects of advanced stage colorectal cancer (CRC). It involves the removal of two ‘tumor suppressor’ genes they have studied in the lab: 1) Fbw7 is responsible for degrading many proteins, including cancer-causing proteins, but is mutated in 8-10% of human colorectal cancers; 2) p53 is a primary regulator of cell growth and division, and causes cells to die if they become too abnormal, but it is frequent ablated by mutation in late-stage cancers, including CRC. Normally, Fbw7 and p53 cooperatively suppress advanced and chromosomally unstable intestinal cancers, but the engineered mice make many such cancers in which Dr. Grim can now rigorously study their evolution and how it block be therapeutically blocked.

Clinical Expertise

Dr. Grim is board-certified in medical oncology. In the Veterans Affairs Puget Sound Health Care System (VAPSHCS), Dr. Grim treats patients with cancers of the lung, rectum, small intestines or colon, as well as patients with myeloma and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. He is the VAPSHCS site director for trainees in solid tumor oncology, site coordinator for the UW Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Program, and also represents VAPSHCS as a principal investigator in the Southwest Oncology Group.

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Jonathan Grim, MD, PhD

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