Denise Galloway, PhD

Denise Galloway, PhD

Paul Stephanus Memorial Endowed Chair
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center


City University of New York, 1975, Ph.D. (Molecular Biology)

Research Interests

The Galloway Lab studies the mechanisms by which human papillomaviruses contribute to cancer, with an emphasis on types most likely to progress to cervical cancer. Galloway and colleagues work to understand the natural history of genital HPV infections and why only a small subset of women infected with high-risk HPVs develop cancer. 

The Pathogen-Associated Malignancies IRC brings together Hutch experts in infectious diseases, host-pathogen interactions, cancer biology, immunology, global oncology and immunotherapy to understand, treat and prevent cancers that are linked to infectious agents.

Fred Hutch researchers excel at understanding the biology of pathogen-related cancers, identifying the immune system’s interaction with both pathogens and cancers, and leveraging that knowledge to develop and test innovative strategies that improve care for patients worldwide. The Pathogen-Associated Malignancies IRC builds on those strengths, interfacing closely with other programs, including our Immunotherapy IRC and Fred Hutch Global Oncology.

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Denise Galloway, PhD

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