Naveen Ashish, PhD

Naveen Ashish, PhD

Principal Data Scientist
Hutch Data Commonwealth


PhD, Computer Science, University of Southern California, 2000
BTech, Computer Science, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (India), 1993

Research Focus

Dr. Ashish’s current focus is to develop and apply biomedical data science technologies, processes and practice to key areas in biomedical informatics, and in particular cancer research. He has particular expertise in the areas of (biomedical) data sharing and harmonization technologies, natural language understanding of unstructured health data, and more generally the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and data management technologies to biomedical data science.

Current Projects

Mobile-driven Behavior Influence: Data Analytics and Personalization
We are collaborating with the Bricker Lab which has developed and deployed mobile device applications for smoking cessation. We are developing capabilities for data management of event-based data from individual mobile devices (with study subjects), data mining capabilities for uncovering insights within such data at the individual as well as aggregate (population wide) level, and personalization technologies for optimizing the effectiveness of the intervention technology for individuals.

Microbiome Data Science
The microbiology revolution, driven by sequencing technologies, brings a deluge of microbiome data that is complex, varied, large and that has to be managed and analyzed.
We are collaborating with the Fredericks Lab at Fred Hutch that is investigating microbial communities in conditions such as bacterial vaginosis (BV). We are developing data management capabilities for representing, retrieving, and integrating the microbiome data from this study. We are also developing predictive analytics capabilities using machine-learning for BV prognosis.

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Naveen Ashish, PhD

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