Links to Related Websites

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Links to Related Websites

Here are some links to other websites you may find helpful. We offer these links for your convenience only; they are not intended as any kind of endorsement of the organization or individual operating the site.

The National Cancer Institute - Breast Cancer
This section of the National Cancer Institute's website provides information on several breast cancer topics such as detection, treatment, prevention, genetics, literature, research, statistics, and supportive care.

The Cancer Information Service - A Program of the National Cancer Institute
The Cancer Information Service is a national information and education network and a free public service of the National Cancer Institute. Publications on a variety of topics related to breast cancer can be ordered from this website. You may call 1-800-4-CANCER to speak directly to a CIS Information Specialist.

The American Cancer Society
This is the website for the American Cancer Society, with links to basic information about breast cancer, breast cancer research, and taking action through patient support, advocacy, and increased awareness.

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

Details about the annual Komen Race for the Cure, Foundation and general breast cancer news, and other information about breast cancer research, education, screening, and treatment are available at this website.

Sisters Network, Inc.
Sisters Network, Inc., is the first national African American breast cancer survivorship organization, committed to focusing local and national attention on the devastating impact of breast cancer in the African American community.

Y-Me National Breast Cancer Organization
Links may be found at this website to the national educational programs, support services, and publications provided by Y-Me, whose mission is providing peer support and fellowship to breast cancer patients.

National Breast Cancer Coalition

The NBCC is a breast cancer advocacy group that seeks to influence public policies affecting breast cancer research and treatment. The site has sections on breast cancer information as well as legislative activities and programs.

KidsHealth for Kids - Breast Cancer Information

This website is sponsored by the Nemours Foundation, and attempts to translate complex medical information into language more easily understood by children or grandchildren.