Program in Prostate Cancer Research

Program in Prostate Cancer Research

This website was specifically developed for members of the Program in Prostate Cancer Research Group (PPCR).

The information on this site is intended to keep the members of PPCR informed of upcoming presentations, to allow easy access to fellow members and to provide information about newly created funding opportunities.

Program Heads:
Janet L. Stanford, Ph.D.
Peter S. Nelson, M.D.

Associate Program Head:
Paul Lange, M.D.

The Program in Prostate Cancer Research at Fred Hutch is a multidisciplinary program. The aim is to foster interactive communication and the development of new or expanded research projects between investigators with diverse expertise and interest in prostate cancer. 

PPCR members are based at the Fred Hutch, the University of Washington, the V.A. Medical Centers, Swedish Hospital Prostate Institute, and the Northwest Prostate Institute.

The program currently has 32 active members with expertise in the following research areas: molecular biology, genetics, epidemiology, nutrition, medical oncology, immunology, cancer prevention, quality of life, clinical trials, biostatistics and pharmacology. 

A long-term goal of the PPCR is to build upon this local expertise to develop a multidisciplinary team of investigators to advance knowledge in:

  • the genetic and environmental causes of prostate cancer,

  • the molecular biology and immunology associated with the initiation and progression of prostate cancer, and

  • prostate cancer prevention strategies.

The ultimate goal of these research activities is to contribute to the development of new approaches to the cure and prevention of prostate cancer. This may involve:

  • developing and testing of innovative treatments, including drugs and vaccines, and

  • developing and testing innovative approaches to prevention, including behavioral interventions and chemoprevention.

Program activities over the past year have included bimonthly meetings with research presentations by members of the PPCR and invited speakers.

The one-hour program meetings are held weekly at a central location (Fred Hutch Day Campus). Please see the calender link for scheduled speakers.

This series of seminars has allowed program participants opportunities to learn about the research interests and activities of fellow program members and to share new and developing knowledge on prostate cancer and ideas for future research grants.