Volume 21, Fall 2014
Acrobat Version (975 KB)
Whole-exome sequencing project update
ICPCG project
SNPs associated with risk of prostate cancer recurrence or progression
Chemotherapy for metastatic prostate cancer
Active surveillance
Health Status Updates

Volume 20, Summer 2013
Acrobat Version (484 KB)
Whole-exome sequencing pilot study
The HOXB13 gene
Fried foods and prostate cancer risk
Coffee and tea intake and prostate cancer risk and outcomes
Health Status Updates

Volume 19, Summer 2011
Acrobat Version (325 KB)
Next Generation Squencing Projects Underway
Whole-Exome Sequencing Pilot Project
Health Status Updates

Volume 18, Winter 2010
Acrobat Version (521 KB)
Genome-wide SNP Linkage Scan and Focus on Chromosome 15
Co-occurrence of Other Cancers
Interest in Genetic Testing Update
PSA Screening and Prostate Cancer Mortality

Volume 17, Autumn 2008
Acrobat Version (801 KB)
Co-Occurrence of Other Cancers
New Genome-wide SNP Linkage Scan
Second Follow-Up Survey Update
Clinical Trials of Abiraterone

Volume 16, Winter 2008
Acrobat Version (660 KB)
Genome-Wide SNP Genotyping
Past and Present Analyses
Follow-Up Survey Update
Co-Occurrence of Other Cancers
Jewish families
BRCA2 Gene
ICPCG Re-Consenting Effort

Volume 15, Spring/Summer 2006
Acrobat Version (314 KB)
Analyses of Clinical Features of Prostate Cancer
African American Recruitment-We Need More Families
Follow-Up Survey Update
Linkage Analyses Based on Other Cancers
Extension of Family Pedigrees-Enrollment of New Participants

Volume 14, Spring/Summer 2005
Acrobat Version (275 KB)
Changes to the PROGRESS Team
Follow-up Survey Update
Past and Present Analysis
Prostate Cancer and Diet

Volume 13, Summer/Fall 2004
Acrobat Version (135 KB)
New Findings Published from PROGRESS
Recently Published Results from PROGRESS
The Basics: A Refresher on Genetics
Other Genes and Loci
On the Move!

Volume 12, Summer/Fall 2003
[Acrobat Version (954 KB)]
The Genome Scan Results Are In!
What Happens Now?
Follow-up Survey Update
International Group Plans Cooperative Meta-Analyses
Glossary of Genetic Terms

Volume 11, Summer 2002
[Acrobat Version (735 KB)]
Coming Soon: the PROGRESS Follow-up Survey
Prostate Cancer and Other Cancers in the Family

Volume 10, Summer 2001
[Acrobat Version (679 KB)]
A Brief History of PROGRESS
New Family Collection Effort Begins
The Next Step

Volume 9, Fall/Winter 2000
[Acrobat Version (699 KB)]
Genomewide Scan
Ongoing Follow-Up
Stratified Analyses
Prostate Cancer
News Update

Volume 8, Spring/Summer 2000
[Acrobat Version (711 KB)]
Genome Scan Results
Glossary of genetic terms
A Potential Prostate Cancer Gene on the X Chromosome
Preventing Prostate Cancer
Additional Family Information

Volume 7, Fall/Winter 1999
[Acrobat Version (749 KB)]
Prostate Cancer Trends, 1973 - 1995
PROGRESS Data Update
Other Cancers Reported by Men in 283 PROGRESS Families

Volume 6, Spring/Summer 1999
[Acrobat Version (728 KB)]
What Are We Finding?
New Funding for PROGRESS!
International Prostate Cancer Consortium

Volume 5, Fall/Winter 1998
[Acrobat Version (770 KB)]
Locating other possible prostate cancer genes
Questions and answers about our findings

Volume 4, Spring/Summer 1998
[Acrobat Version (861 KB)]

In the Laboratory
The 1998 Prostate Cancer Facts

Volume 3, Fall/Winter 1997
[Acrobat Version (691 KB)]
Prostate Cancer News
Future Contact

Volume 2, Spring/Summer 1997
[Acrobat Version (580 KB)]
Prostate Cancer News
Family News and Family Trees

Volume 1, Fall/Winter 1996
[Acrobat Version (589 KB)]
How much PROGRESS has been made?
What is done with the PROGRESS blood sample?
How is participant information kept confidential?
When will there be results from PROGRESS?
Who is asked to join PROGRESS?