Cancer Links


Cancer Links

Here are some links to other websites which you may find helpful.

We offer these links for your convenience only. These links are not intended as any kind of endorsement of the organization or individual operating the site.

Phoenix5 — To help men and their companions with the effect of prostate cancer

— Information about Michael Milken's prostate cancer research foundation

Prostate Pointers — A wide range of links for all topics related to prostate cancer

Oncolink — A collection of links and information about prostate cancer from the University of Pennsylvania

US TOO — An international network of prostate cancer support groups

Virgil's Prostate On-Line — One survivor's summary page of his prostate cancer research

Cancer Net — Official information site from the National Cancer Institute, including clinical trials

American Cancer Society — A national organization to provide information about all kinds of cancer

Prostate Cancer Trends — 1973-1995, SEER Program, National Cancer Institute

Prostate Cancer Progress Review Group — Crucial Directions for Research

UK Prostate Cancer Charity — Funding research, offering support and information about prostate cancer

Prostate-Help by Don Cooley

ICPCG — International Consortium for Prostate Cancer Genetics

Information links about basic genetics:

Basic Introduction to Genetics

National Human Genome Research Institute — glossary of genetic terms

Genetics Glossary