Eligibility for the Study

Since 1995, the Prostate Cancer Genetic Research Study (PROGRESS) has recruited multiple members of over 300 families in which several men have been diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Families were considered eligible if they met certain minimum criteria.  At least three men diagnosed with prostate cancer, who were still living and willing to participate in the study were required. The men with prostate cancer had to be related by blood, not by marriage.  Alternatively families with two men related by blood and diagnosed with prostate cancer before age 65 or who were African-American were also eligible.

Study participation

After joining PROGRESS, both male and selected female family members were asked to complete a brief mailed health questionnaire, and to have a sample of blood drawn for shipment to FHCRC.  Since the initial recruitment phase we have mailed out two follow-up surveys with questions concerning the current health status of study participants and any new diagnoses of prostate cancer and other cancers in the family.  We also ask participants to keep in touch with us regarding any changes in the health status of family members via our toll-free phone number or the study e-mail address.  An up-to-date list of PROGRESS-related research publications is available on the study web-site.  We also send out annual newsletters to study participants describing our ongoing analyses and other prostate cancer-related news of interest. All past editions of the newsletter are available on the study web-site.