Herbold Computational Biology Program

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Photo by Robert Hood / Fred Hutch News Service

The Herbold Computational Biology Program was established to bring a new generation of biological researchers to the Hutch whose training in biology is accompanied by advanced training in quantitative sciences, including physics, statistics, mathematics and computer science.  

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Computational Biology 

Dr. Frederick (Erick) A. Matsen has an open postdoc position with at least two years duration. The project is to learn about anti-HIV antibody development and coevolution using data coming from a unique HIV superinfection cohort for which the viral history has been carefully characterized. 


Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Cancer Genomics

Dr. Gavin Ha has an open postdoc position with at least one year duration. The Ha lab is establishing a research program that uses new DNA sequencing technologies to study cancer genomes. The lab is also focused on research involving liquid biopsies, such as cell-free DNA, and developing new computational approaches to leverage these data for genome discovery and cancer burden monitoring.


Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Computational Immunology

Dr. Harlan Robins has an open postdoc position with at least two years duration. The project is to study the interaction between the adaptive immune system and cancer. Dr. Robins focuses on the quantitative analysis of the adaptive immune system. His approach takes advantage of new high-throughput sequencing technology developed by Dr. Robins and his collaborators. Primary research goals will be to develop high-throughput technologies to assess the specific immune response to cancer and to learn how the tumor evades this response and how the response can be resuscitated to effectively fight tumors. 

Research Lab Manager

Dr. Harlan Robins is recruiting a research lab manager to study the interaction between the adaptive immune system and cancer by designing and implementing major experimental projects essential to the laboratory's scientific research goals. The research manager will evaluate the effectiveness of specific methods and procedures for particular projects, prepare scientific papers and presentations and work independently with the guidance of Dr. Robins in establishing and accomplishing the goals of the laboratory.

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