Joint Epidemiology/Cancer Prevention Seminar Series 2013

Epidemiology Program

Joint Epidemiology/Cancer Prevention Seminar Series 2013






28 Jan 2013


John Potter, MD, PhD

Member and Sr. Advisor, FHCRC, Professorial Fellow, Massey University New Zealand

“Nutrition, Environment, Development and Cancer: Casting a Wider Net”


1 May 2013


James Cerhan, MD, PhD

Professor and Chair, Department of Health Sciences Research

College of Medicine

Mayo Clinic

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Prognosis – What About the Host?


6 May 2013


Stuart Macgregor

Associate Professor, Sr. Research Fellow, Statistical Genetics, Queensland Inst. of Medical Research

Most common ‘sporadic’ cancers have a substantial germline genetic   component

30 May 2013


Anne McTiernan, MD, PhD

Full Member, FHCRC, Research Professor, Epidemiology, University of Washington

Obesity, Weight Loss, Vitamin D and Cancer Biomarkers