Cancer Epidemiology Research Cooperative (CERC)

SCOT Study

Skin Cancer After Organ Transplant

Principal Investigator: Margaret M. Madeleine, PhD
Study Managers: Lisa Johnson, PhD; Nancy Blythe

The SCOT Study was funded by the National Institutes of Health and directed by Dr. Madeleine at the Fred Hutch and co-investigators at local transplant institutions, including the University of Washington, Virginia Mason and Swedish Medical Centers. We are analyzing the study data to learn more about factors like genetics or viruses that may be involved in why many transplant patients develop skin cancer after transplant.

We invited participants to fill out questionnaires and donate blood, hair, and tumor samples. Participants included organ-transplant recipients and those on waiting lists for transplants. Each person who participated contributed their unique medical history, and together the data from the participants may help us something understand more about the causes of skin cancer.

We thank those organ transplant recipients who participated in the SCOT study!  We hope that our research contributes to new knowledge. We are currently pursuing funding to further this research, and hope to be able to re-contact prior SCOT study participants in the future.

SCOT Study brochures:
For transplant recipients
For those on organ waiting lists

For more information about skin cancer after organ transplant:

Research Project Interviewers: 
     Joia Hicks 
     Maggie Moore 
     Patty Pride 
     Georgene Ranney
     Loni Tipton

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