ColoCare Consortium

Cancer Epidemiology Research Cooperative (CERC)

ColoCare Consortium

Principal Investigators: 

Christopher I. Li, MD, PhD                                         Cornelia (Neli) M. Ulrich, PhD
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center             Huntsman Cancer Institute

Fred Hutch Co-Investigators: William M. Grady, MD
Study Manager: Kathy Vickers

ColoCare Study is a study of colorectal cancer patients who are recruited at diagnosis at participating partner institutions and asked to provide blood, tissue, buccal, and fecal samples, and to complete health questionnaires. The goals of the study are to identify factors that determine both short-term and long-term survival among colorectal cancer patients. These factors include inherited genetic and tumor characteristics that affect early diagnosis and treatment response, as well as health behaviors patients adopt. ColoCare's partner institutions are part of The ColoCare Consortium, which aims to provide a resource for scientists interested in research questions on colorectal cancer survival, prognosis, and diagnostics, through creation of a specimen biorepository.

How to Reach Us?
For ColoCare Study questions, call 206-667-7946 or toll-free at 1-866-352-9525.

Further information:
NIH Web site
Huntsman Cancer Institute (University of Utah)