Current Research Projects

Cancer Epidemiology Research Cooperative (CERC)

Research Projects

Accuracy of Self-Reported Prenatal Smoking in Child Cancer Epidemiology Studies

Beth A. Mueller, DrPH, Principal Investigator

The BRAVO Study
Breast Cancer Risk and Various Outcomes
Christopher I Li, MD, PhD, Principal Investigator

The ORCA Study
Outcomes and Risk Factors among Breast CAncer Survivors
Kathleen E. Malone, PhD, and Christopher I. Li, MD, PhD, Principal Investigators

The Quilt Study
Women's Health after Breast Cancer
Kathleen E. Malone, PhD, Principal Investigator
   Co-Investigators: Janet R Daling, PhD; Scott Davis, PhD; Li Hsu, PhD;
   Thomas J Lawton, MD; Anne McTiernan, MD, PhD; Peggy L Porter, PhD.

The WECARE Study
Women's Environment, Cancer, and Radiation Epidemiology
Kathleen E. Malone, PhD, Principal Investigator

The VIVA Trial
Vaccine to Interrupt Progression of Vulvar and Anal Neoplasia
Margaret M. Madeleine, PhD, and Anna Wald, MD, MPH, Principal Investigators