Registrar PIP Newsletters

Cancer Surveillance System

Registrar PIP Newsletters

CSS posts bi-monthly newsletters for hospital registrars in Washington State with process improvement pointers (PIPs). If you have topics you would like to suggest, please send us a note at

Current Issue

May 2019  Grade for 2018+ Cases - Carolyn Callaghan, CTR

May 2019  Practice Exercises (PowerPoint) - Carolyn Callaghan, CTR

Previous Issues

March 2019  Are LCIS, GIST and Pseudomyxoma Peritonei Cases Reportable?- Mary Zimny

January 2019  Treatment Traps: Melanoma Surgery and Systemic Treatment/Surgery Sequence for All Sites- Melissa Rook

November 2018  Correctly Applying Diagnostic Confirmation for Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Primaries - Shalini Sahni

September 2018  Stage Cases Multiple Times - Carolyn Callaghan

July 2018  Imaging Findings - Seana Pierce

May 2018  Surgery of Primary Site - Melissa Rook

March 2018 TNM - Katie Fidgeon; Lab Values - Cristina Guerrero

January 2018 Grade (multiple sites) - Carolyn Callaghan; Prostate Grade - Tiffany Janes