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More Resources

Some of you have asked for colorectal cancer-related resources, such as low-cost screening options. Here are the websites of a few programs you might find useful.

Gastrointestinal Cancer Prevention Program at SCCA

This webpage is designed for people with a high risk of gastrointestinal cancers (esophagus, stomach, pancreas, small intestine, colon). The program offers a personalized plan to assess, screen and prevent the development of cancer.

Gastrointestinal Cancer Clinical Trials at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA)

This webpage lists all current clinical trials (studies) conducted at SCCA to treat gastrointestinal cancers, such as colon cancer. Note: some studies may be ongoing, but closed to new patient enrollment.

Washington State Breast, Cervical and Colon Health Program (for men and women)

This site offers information on the program that provides free colon, breast and cervical cancer screenings to low-income people in Washington state.

Figg Tree Foundation

This private foundation provides financial aid to pay for colonoscopies, some treatment, and community education for those affected by colorectal cancer.

Colon Cancer Family Registry (CCFR)

This site includes publications, participating-site information and other background about the CCFR, the international research project of which the CORE Studies/Seattle CCFR is a part.

National Cancer Institute (a division of the National Institutes of Health)

This site provides information (in English and Spanish) about colon and rectal cancer, including cancer terms, screening and treatment information,  a clinical trials search page and free NCI publications.

American Cancer Society’s Colorectal Cancer page

This site includes general information about colorectal cancer, including online support communities and local American Cancer Society offices.