The Consortium

CORE Family Studies

Seattle Colon Cancer Family Registry Cohort

The Consortium

Our registry cohort site is one of six sites in an international consortium of family registries:

The CCFR Consortium has become the largest single resource for colorectal cancer research worldwide, because of its size and quality of participant-provided data. More than 35,000 individuals and 10,000 families have contributed to this research. Such a robust and enthusiastic participant group has generated collaborative research with some of the world’s most knowledgeable cancer scientists.

Coordinating the Cohort

It has been our experience in the first 14 years of our existence that no matter what infrastructure is in place, it is essential that each project have a Project Coordinator/Manager. We believe that the same holds true for the entire CCFRC. With six sites – four in the US and two internationally, there are many aspects of running the consortium which benefit from the presence of a consortium-wide Coordinator.

In her role of Cohort Consortium Coordinator since 2007, Allyson Templeton, M.S. works closely with the six cohort sites, performing research and administrative activities to support the core infrastructure of the CCFRC.